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ජප ජම ජර ජැ ජෙ
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1. ජපනා
Person of Japanese origine.
2. ජම්බු ගහෙන් වැටෙනවා
Euphemism for a girl attaining puberty. There are many other old and well established slang for the same such as Loku Lamayek Wenawa (ලොකු ළමයෙක් වෙනවා), Loku Wenawa (ලොකු වෙනවා), Malwara More…
3. ජරාව
4. ජරාව දෙනවා
Bribe someone.
5. ජැක් ගහනවා
Having sexual fantasy by Pressing genitalia against female commuters of crowded public transport such as buses, trains. This is embarrassingly common occarance that female commuters have to More…
6. ජෙප්පා
Person associated with the political organization JVP or a person having pro-JVP ideology.
7. ජොකා
Male underwear. Derived from Jockstrap. However, sometimes used to refer to any type of men's undergarment and not only Jockstrap. Jangiya is a similar umbrella term which refers to More…
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