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තම තල තෙ තො තෝ
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1. තම්බියා
Used by the Sinhala majority to refer to a person of Muslim origin. The literal meaning of 'Thambi' is younger brother (in Tamil), Originally, this must have been used not as an More…
2. තලනවා 
Simulating the body movements of a sexual intercourse, (Dry Humping) or any other forms of non-penetrative sex, while fully or partially clothed; hence without the risk of actual More…
3. තලයා
Used by the Sinhala majority to refer to a person of Tamil origin from North (Jaffna). Refers to the excessive use of Thala Thel(or gingelly oil) by this community.
4. තෙල් බෙදනවා / තෙල බෙදනවා
Trying to thrust subjective ideology upon others in the pretence of giving advice (used mostly in campuses). 'Thela' (තෙල) alone is used sometimes.
5. තොල දෙනවා
Romantic/erotic kissing on the lips. Usually regarded as the 'first base' of sexual foreplay by young adults and adolescents in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lankan context this is regarded More…
6. තෝ / තොගෙ
Means 'you' and 'yours' but offensive when used with an angry tone
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