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Sinhala Slang Dictionary
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1. නයා
(Cobra) - Used to refer to a short tempered or revengeful person.
2. නරියා
(Jackall) - Nick name or an Insult. Unlikeable person.
3. නැටුම් තෙල්
Literally 'Dancing Oil'. Bit outdated but rather sarcastic term referring to any kind of hard liquor.
4. නිදිවදිනවා
Literally 'sleeping with' meaning having sexual intercourse.( non 'hip' outdated term)
5. නූල
Literally 'string'. Euphemism for the Frenulum of prepuce of penis The area on the underside of the penis, where the foreskin is attached.
6. නූල කැඩෙනවා / කඩා ගන්නවා
Male version of Pettiya Kædenawa and Pettiya Kada Gannawa (Just like with the case of Pettiya Kedeema, the event Noola Kedeema is not technically correct or proper means of verifying More…
7. නෝන්ඩි
(Public) embarrassment. Similar to Pal Una (පල් උනා), Kicha Una (කිච උනා) or Sawutthu Una (සවුත්තු උනා).