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Sinhala Slang Dictionary
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1. පක
Male genitalia. Extremely taboo.
2. පක්කා
Male of Pakistani origin - typically wearing Shalwar Kameez. This term is used by Sri Lankan diaspora living in Middle East region.
3. පට්ට
Extreme. (e.g. 'Patta Aathal' (පට්ට ආතල්) means 'Extremely joyful'.) Patta Gahanawa (පට්ට ගහනවා) means to hit hard, to thrash (as in 'Moowa patta gahanna one karapu More…
4. පඩේ
5. පයිය
Dick. Extremely taboo.
6. පරයා
Means 'outcast' or 'outsider'. Always offensive. Paratti (පරට්ටි) is the female version. Usually used prefixed to some other offensive word. (e.g. Paratta Belli (පරට්ට More…
7. පලයන් යන්න / අ‍ෙන් පලයන් බං යන්න
Entire expression literally translates in to 'get outa here' and coincidently (or not so coincidently) it means exactly the same as the English language slang 'get outa More…
8. පස්ස
Backside or buttocks. And also to mean anus for children.
9. පාන අල්ලනවා
Literally 'holding the lamp'. Mocking reference to the act of a friend who accompany a person who is going to meet his date, girlfriend, wife, fiancee. This refers to the act of More…
10. පැත්තක ඉඳන් කහිනවා
Literally to 'cough in the sides'. Scornful reference to a third party who is supporting one party in an argument where the third party has no right to get involved. Nayata More…
11. පිට යනවා
Literal meaning 'going out' which refers to having extramarital relationship.
12. පිත්තම
An outdated term for 'Cunt'.
13. පිමිපියා
Derived from the English word 'Pimp'. Means the same.
14. පිස්සු හැදෙන සඳ
Shows surprise literally translates as 'Makes me crazy'.
15. පිස්සු හුත්තා
This composite term is used as a single phrase to give the meaning 'crazy idiot'. E.g. Ethana hitiya sikka maha pissu-huttek, mata ethulata yanna dunne nehe ne.
16. පුක
Means 'rectum' or sometimes buttocks. Not necessarily sexual. Not used in formal company; however regarded as mildly taboo. [1].
17. පුක දෙනවා
Submissive act of offering the anus for penetration. This especially used to refer to submissive male behavior in homo-erotic context. A derivative, Denawa (දෙනවා) when used by itself in More…
18. පුකේ අරිනවා
Anal penetration.
19. පෙට්ටිය
Euphemism for Hymen and the Virginity. Mostly used in the context of Pettiya Kædenawa (පෙට්ටිය කැ‍ෙඩනවා) (see below). ◊ Euphemism for hymen. Literally means box. Pettiya More…
20. පොන්නයා
Umbrella term for all submissive Transgender people, Eunuch, or submissive male homosexual. Abusive word for any submissive behavior.