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Sinhala Slang Dictionary
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1. බකමූණා
Literally means Owl. Used to mean a moody person who does not smile at all!!
2. බච්චා කොල්ලා / බච්චා
Submissive male homosexual partner of underage. May have derived from the hindi word for the small boy Bachchaa.
3. බට / බටයක්
A cigarette. (e.g. Batayak gahamuda? (බටයක් ගහමුද?) means 'Shall we have a smoke?')
4. බටයා
Mocking term for a loyal subordinate or a Henchman. Also note that Henchaiya (හෙන්චයියා) is a slang directly derived from the English slang 'Henchman'. Both terms Bataya and More…
5. බඩු ගහනවා
having sex (with multiple women/prostitutes), promiscuous sexual behaviour. Badu Gahanawa (බඩු ගහනවා) is significantly different from Baduwa Gahanawa (බඩුව ගහනවා) which does not nessesorily More…
6. බඩුව
Young or attractive female (chick). ◊ Young or attractive female (chick). Baduwak Set Wuna (බඩුවක් සෙට් වුනා) - got friendly with a girl, Baduwak Daa Gaththa (බඩුවක් දා ගත්තා) More…
7. බන් / බං
General friendly way of addressing a male or female. Mostly used by males to address males (e.g. Mokada ban ke gahanne? (මොකද බන් කෑ ගහන්නේ) means 'Why are you shouting man?'.) More…
8. බම්බු
Literally means Bamboo rod. Means 'nonsense'. Bambu gahapan! (බම්බු ගහපන්) usually means 'No way, get lost'
9. බල්ලා
Dog- Generally bad or dislikable person
10. බස්සා
Owlet - One who responds with a grunt or "HMMM" in conversations.
11. බාල්දියක් පෙරලනවා
Literally 'to roll a bucket'. Refers to 'picking a fight' or 'act in an angry manner or shout about'
12. බැල්ලි
Exactly the same usage as 'Bitch' and literally translates to 'Bitch'. Patta Bælli (පට්ට බැල්ලි) is a very offensive term. Bællige Putha (බැල්ලිගෙ පුතා) translates More…
13. බිජ්ජ
An outdated term for penis (specially a small penis) Baava (බාව) is also an outdated term for the same (specially a large penis). Jundaa (ජුන්ඩා) is another outdated term, almost phased More…
14. බූරුවා
Donkey. Refers to a silly person causing damages due to lack of knowledge. Derivative is Puththalam Booruwa (පුත්තලම් බූරුවා), which literally means donkey whose origin is More…
15. බෙබේ / බේබද්දා
16. බොග / බොඟ
Partially taboo word which means excrement. Boga Charge (බොග චාජ්) means having a nature call. Etymology might be linked to English slang Bog