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Sinhala Slang Dictionary
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1. මගුල
Literally means 'wedding ceremony' or simply 'ceremony'. But used to mean 'nuisance' or 'nonsense'. Mona magulakda - (e.g. Mona magulakda manda (මොන More…
2. මචන් / මචං
Used by males to address a fellow male. Similar to 'Mate' or 'Brother'. Literal meaning (of the original Tamil word) is 'brother-in-law'. 'Machan' More…
3. මඤ්ඤං
Disoriented / Incomprehensible. (Also the phrase Karakola Athæriya Wage (කරකවලා අතෑරියා වගේ) is used to mean the same)
4. මට්ටයා
Used by the Sinhala/Tamil majority to refer to a person of Muslim origin hailing from East of the island (Ampara, Pothuvil, Madakalapuwa area).
5. මල / සුස්තිය
Roll of Ganja (Cannabis or pot) for smoking or the ingredients used to prepare those. Relatively new term Mala (මල) is preferred over Suusthiya (සුස්තිය) in most social circles. More…
6. මල් කඩනවා
To engage in flirtious chit-chat with member(s) of opposite sex. There is popular nick-name Mal Maama (මල් මාමා) which refers to a male person with excessive such behaviours. Also note the More…
7. මල්ලි
Literally 'younger brother'. Well hidden euphemism to refer to male genitalia. Especially used by females. Similarly Nangi (නංගි) (younger sister) refers to the female genitalia. More…
8. මළ පනිනවා
Means 'Makes angry'. Mala (මළ) in this context means anger. Etimology may have some connection to discharge of excrement, because Mala paninawa (මළ පනිනවා) literally means More…
9. මාටියා ගහනවා
Grafting of funds (public or private).
10. මාරයි
11. මාරු වෙනවා
Sneaking out
12. මැක්කා
Person of Mexican (Hispanic) origin. This term is used by Sri Lankan diaspora living in USA.
13. මැට්ටා
A foolish person, an idiot.
14. මෑ ඇටේ
Literally 'Bean'. Euphemism for the clitoris (not in widespread use) Mæ Æte (මෑ මල) also has the same usage.
15. මීයා
Literally 'Mouse'. Euphemism for the penis. Used mostly by young children and females.