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Sinhala Slang Dictionary
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1. වන්ඩිය
Vehicle, and derived from the Tamil word for Vehicle 'Vandi'. Note the term Ladiya (ලඩිය), which means a rickety old vehicle.
2. වඳුරා
(Monkey) - Nick name or an insult to a male, refering to his bad looks or being dark skinned. Wændiri (වැඳිරි) is the female version.
3. වල
Mischievous stuff (e.g. Wala Bahinawa (වල බහිනවා) refers to involving in lot of 'extra curricular' activities or collective misbehaviour).
4. වල කජ්ජ ගහනවා
Literal reference to an ancient Sri Lankan game played with cashew nuts. Means 'to die' (same as 'kick the bucket')
5. වල්ල 
Literally 'the bunch'. Male genitalia or more specifically, the scrotum
6. වලි
Argumentative, disputatious, quarrelsome. Waliya (වලිය) means the quarrel. Opposite of Wali (වලි) is usually Shape (ෂේප්) (e.g. 'Wali num apith wali, shape num apith shpe' (වලිනම් More…
7. වා‍ෙත
Literally means Gas or Wind. Used to mean 'Nuisance'. (e.g. Mala Waathe (මල වා‍ෙත) means 'Big nuisance')
8. වැල  බලනවා පත්තර
Wela - Porn. වැල බලනවා Wela baanawa - downloading porn from internet. වැල පත්තර Wela Pattara - Porno/Adult publications. The term Wela derives from the euphemisms for male masterbation More…
9. වේසි
Prostitute. See also Gona under Examples of taboo Sexual Slang and Euphemisms section below. ◊ Prostitute, Whore. Patta Vesi (පට්ට වේසි) is a stronger abusive term. Vesige More…