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Sinhala Slang Dictionary
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1. සක්කිලියා
Derived from a name of a Dalit like caste that came over relatively recently from India. Originally used by the Sinhalese majority as a pejorative. Usually refers to a very unhygienic or More…
2. සැප කනේ
Literally 'Pleasure in the ear'. Figuratively means very joyful.
3. සිංහයා
(Lion) - Brave, person with good principles.
4. සික්කා
Disrespectful term for Security Guard. Derived from the same English word.
5. සින්දුවක් කියනවා
Literally 'Sing'. Well hidden euphemism to mean 'urinate', nature call (e.g. Mang tak gala sinduwak kiyala ennam (මං ටක් ගාලා සින්දුවක් කියලා එන්නම්))
6. සිරා
Serious. Derived from the English word 'Serious'.
7. සුද්දා
Used by the Sinhala/Tamil majority to refer to a person of white caucasian or European origin. Generally refers all pale white-skinned people, and literal translation is 'white More…
8. සෙ‍ාමිය
Happy feeling, state of happiness. (Use of Aathal Eka (අ‍ාතල් එක) is preferred over Somiya (සෙ‍ාමිය) in most social circles now).
9. සොරි ඩොට් කොම්
Spoof reference to a (hypothetical) web site, used to refer to a 'sorry' situation. (e.g. Train eka miss unothnam sori dom kom (ටේන් එක මිස් උනොත්නම් සොරි ඩොට් කොම්)). More…
10. සොරි වෙන්න ඕන
Expressing sympathy or apology in a mocking manner.