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Sinhala Slang Dictionary
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1. හම්බයා
Rather outdated term to refer to a person of Muslim origin.
2. හාල්පාරුවා
Useless, undesirable person.
3. හැමිනෙනවා
An outdated term for 'Fuck'.
4. හිකනලා
Skink - Used to call people without any strength (e.g. Eka hikanala vage apahu giye. (ඒකා හිකනලා වගේ ආපහු ගියේ.))
5. හුකනවා
Fuck. However regarded as Extremely taboo, and should not be used as a Sinhala equivalent of 'Fuck'.
6. හුට පට
Complicated series of events that lead mostly to an undesirable situation
7. හුත්ත
Female genitalia. Similar to 'Cunt'. Extremely taboo. There are many derivatives using the base words Hutta (හුත්ත) and Hukana (හුකන) which creates extremely unpleasant More…