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Sinhala Slang Dictionary
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1. අඤ්ඤ කොරොස්
2. අතේ ගහනවා
Male masturbation or 'jerking off'. Wæla Adinawa (වැල අදිනවා) (literally 'pulling the line') is the campus version of this and it also is well known, although not More…
3. අන්ජ බජල්
4. අනා ගන්නවා
Literally 'getting mixed up', Anenawa (අ‍ැ‍ෙනනවා) - something is getting out of hand, becoming worst or messy. (e.g. Wædi wæda karanna gihin wæde ænuna (වැඩි වැඩ කරන්න ගිහින් More…
5. අම්මට හුඩු /අම්මට උඩු /අම්මට සිරි
Used to express surprise. Considered non taboo but vulgar. Not supposed to be used in decent company and people who liberally use this in decent company are regarded as less More…
6. අරිනවා
Vaginal or anal penetration. Literally means release. (e.g. Okita porawal dethun denekma ærala thiyenawa (ඕකිට පොරවල් දෙතුන් දෙනෙක්ම ඇරලා තියෙනවා) means 'Several guys have fucked More…
7. අල
literally (noun) a common name for any edible starchy root. Figuratively (adj.)messed up, inferior, low quality
8. අල්ලනවා
Literally means touch or hold. When used in sexual context, means touching the genitalia or breasts. Sometimes used as a eupimishm to mean 'sucking up the hierarchy' similarly to More…
9. අ‍ඩෝ
Means 'Hey' or 'Oi'. Offensive when not used between friends.
10. ආච්චිට හාල් ගරන්න
Expresses anger or unpleasant surprise. This is an expression which is actually 'avoidance' or euphemism for much stronger swear.
11. ආතල්
Happy feeling, state of happiness. Aathal Kedenawa (අ‍ාතල් කැ‍ෙඩනවා) is used to describe a situation which disturbs the status quo. Moda Aathal (මෝඩ ආතල්) TBD.
12. ආප්ප ගහනවා
Committing a lesbian sexual act, specifically Tribadism. Literally means 'hitting or touching hoppers' and suggests the etimology of the phrase. (e.g. Girls hostel eke aappa scene More…
13. ඇඟිල්ල ගහනවා
Female masturbation or fingering of the vagina by another person.
14. ඇට (දෙක)
Testicles. Æta deka ugas thiyanawa (ඇට දෙක උගස් තියනවා), which literally means 'Pawning the testicles' is used among males in extreme financially tight situations where having no More…
15. ඇතුලෙ ගහනවා
Full sexual intercourse. Literally means 'Fucking Internally' that is opposed to Gal Kapanawa (ගල් කපනවා) - (Intercrural Sex), Thalanawa (තලනවා) - (Dry Humping), or Katata Denava More…
16. ඇන ගන්නවා
Literally to 'getting pricked', usually refers to the situation of getting rejected or getting failed (exam, love, work etc.). A popular derivative is Ahala Æna Gannawa (අහල අ‍ැන More…
17. ඇඹලයා
Type of an Ant which are drawn to sweet stuff. Refers to a male who is drawn to females a lot.
18. ඇ‍ඬෙනවා
Literally means 'makes me cry'. Used to express a wide range of feelings from sorrow to happiness. Could also mean 'great' or 'hard to believe' in certain More…
19. ඉබ්බා ගහනවා
Sneaking in without paying. Travelling in public transportation without paying.
20. උම්මා
Childish term for a kiss. Derived from the 'sound' of kissing.