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Sinhala Slang Dictionary
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181. සිරා
Serious. Derived from the English word 'Serious'.
182. සුද්දා
Used by the Sinhala/Tamil majority to refer to a person of white caucasian or European origin. Generally refers all pale white-skinned people, and literal translation is 'white More…
183. සෙ‍ාමිය
Happy feeling, state of happiness. (Use of Aathal Eka (අ‍ාතල් එක) is preferred over Somiya (සෙ‍ාමිය) in most social circles now).
184. සොරි ඩොට් කොම්
Spoof reference to a (hypothetical) web site, used to refer to a 'sorry' situation. (e.g. Train eka miss unothnam sori dom kom (ටේන් එක මිස් උනොත්නම් සොරි ඩොට් කොම්)). More…
185. සොරි වෙන්න ඕන
Expressing sympathy or apology in a mocking manner.
186. හම්බයා
Rather outdated term to refer to a person of Muslim origin.
187. හාල්පාරුවා
Useless, undesirable person.
188. හැමිනෙනවා
An outdated term for 'Fuck'.
189. හිකනලා
Skink - Used to call people without any strength (e.g. Eka hikanala vage apahu giye. (ඒකා හිකනලා වගේ ආපහු ගියේ.))
190. හුකනවා
Fuck. However regarded as Extremely taboo, and should not be used as a Sinhala equivalent of 'Fuck'.
191. හුට පට
Complicated series of events that lead mostly to an undesirable situation
192. හුත්ත
Female genitalia. Similar to 'Cunt'. Extremely taboo. There are many derivatives using the base words Hutta (හුත්ත) and Hukana (හුකන) which creates extremely unpleasant More…