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කට කඩ කන කබ කල කැ කෑ කි කු කෙ කො ක‍
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21. කොටියා
(leopard) - Sexual predetor (both in hetrosexual and homosexual sense)
22. කොටුවක් පනිනවා
Committing adultery or having socially unaccepted relationship.
23. කොලු කාරයා
Male homosexual. Kollo Gahanawa is the act of promiscuous homosexual behavior of a Kolu Karaya. Similarly බඩු කාරයා Badu Kaaraya is used to refer to a sexually promiscuous hetrasexual More…
24. කොස්සා / කොච්චියා
Disrespectful term to refer to a police constable. The respectful slang would be Ralahami (රාලහාමි) which is also used by police officers to refer to fellow officers.
25. ක‍ෙඩ්
Literally boutique. Refers to a noisy, uncomfortable or nagging place or situation.
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