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Sinhala Slang Dictionary
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41. කෙලින් වෙනවා
Getting an erection. Naginawa is also used. (uasge e.g. 'Athana inna baduage gala dekala Aruta negala' means 'That guy got a hard-on seeing that chick's leg')
42. කෙ‍හෙල්මල
Literally means Banana Foliage. Used to mean 'nonsense'. (e.g. Mona kehelmalakda! (මෙ‍ාන කෙ‍ෙහල්මලක්ද!) means 'What nuisance' or 'What nonsense'.)
43. කොකා
(Heron) Nick name for a skinny tall person.
44. කොච්චියා
Rather outdated term to refer to a person of Indian origin.
45. කොටියා
(leopard) - Sexual predetor (both in hetrosexual and homosexual sense)
46. කොටුවක් පනිනවා
Committing adultery or having socially unaccepted relationship.
47. කොලු කාරයා
Male homosexual. Kollo Gahanawa is the act of promiscuous homosexual behavior of a Kolu Karaya. Similarly බඩු කාරයා Badu Kaaraya is used to refer to a sexually promiscuous hetrasexual More…
48. කොස්සා / කොච්චියා
Disrespectful term to refer to a police constable. The respectful slang would be Ralahami (රාලහාමි) which is also used by police officers to refer to fellow officers.
49. ක‍ෙඩ්
Literally boutique. Refers to a noisy, uncomfortable or nagging place or situation.
50. ගල / ගල් දෙක
Thigh. (e.g. Ekita mara galak thiyenne (ඒකිට මාර ගලක් තියෙන්නෙ) means 'She has a very sexy smooth thigh'.) Gal Pradarshanaya (ගල් ප්‍රදර්ෂණය) - Literally 'Thigh More…
51. ගල් ආඳා
(Type of Eel) Elusive, Doggy, Cunning type of person.
52. ගල් කපනවා
Refers to penetration between the partners thighs, (or intercrural sex). In Sri Lankan context, this method is a common practice among teenage/young adult lovers as a safe sex practice More…
53. ගල් කරනවා
Sneak something out of its place, shop-lift or steal (small items). (e.g. Methana tibba pæna kawuru hari gal karala (මෙතන තිබ්බ පෑන කවුරු හරි ගල් කරලා) means 'Someone has sneaked out More…
54. ගල් කාරයා
Dominating male homosexual person. Refers to intercrural sex. There is a spoof acronym used by youths called R. P. G. which stands for Rajaye Prasidda Galkaru (රජයේ ප්‍රසිද්ධ ගල්කරු) More…
55. ගල් කොල්ලා
Submissive male homosexual partner. Refers to intercrural sex.
56. ගල්කටස්
Locally made short barrelled firearm or similar improvised weapon used by underworld gangs.
57. ගස් ගෙම්බා
Tree Frog. - Dislikable slimy person.
58. ගස් ගෝනා
Literally 'Tree Dwelling Sambar. Also used in rural dialects, as a substitute colloquial term for Monkey. The reason for the name is due to the fact that Monkey (Langur) meat is More…
59. ගැට (දෙක)
Small breasts (usually of underage or teenage girls')
60. ගැන්සිය
A Gang.