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(adj.) [from gacchati, "gam"] f. ~iṇī, in composition ~gāmi~. — (a) going, walking, lit.: sīgha~ walking quickly Sn 381; — (b) leading to, making for, usually with magga or paṭipadā (gāminī), either lit. Pāṭaliputtagāmi-magga the road to P. Miln 17; or fig. of ways & means connected w. one of the “gatis.” as apāya~ DhA III.175, udaya~ paṭipadā S V.361; nibbāna~ dhamma Sn 233; amata-gāmi-magga S V.8; udayatthagāmiṇī paññā A V.15; dukkhanirodha~ paṭipadā Vin I.10; cp. ācaya~ Dhs 584. 1013. "Acc." "~gāminaṃ": khemaṃ Amata~ M I.508; brahmacariyaṃ: nibbān’ ogadha~ It 28, 29; dukkhûpasama~ maggaṃ Sn 724 = Dh 191; niraya~ maggaṃ Sn 277, ThA 243. Or "~gāmiṃ": Sn 233, 381.
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