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Sinhala Slang Dictionary

අඤ අත අන අම අර අල අ‍
අ‍ඩ අ‍ා අ‍ැ

ඇන ගන්නවා

Literally to 'getting pricked', usually refers to the situation of getting rejected or getting failed (exam, love, work etc.). A popular derivative is Ahala Æna Gannawa (අහල අ‍ැන ගන්නවා). (e.g. Pora oya baduwagen keepa parakma ahala ænagena thiyenawa. (පෙ‍ාර ඔය බඩුවගෙන් කීප සැරයක්ම අහලා අ‍ැනගෙන තියෙනවා.) means 'The guy got rejected (of love) by that girl several times.')
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