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Sinhala Slang Dictionary

තම තල තෙ තො තෝ

තොල දෙනවා

Romantic/erotic kissing on the lips. Usually regarded as the 'first base' of sexual foreplay by young adults and adolescents in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lankan context this is regarded as the BIG first step in romantic/erotic relationship. The first base can eventually be followed by activities such as Athaganawa which refers to soft touching of the body which may include erotic zones such as Gala followed by Mirikanawa which refers to touching and squeezing of body parts which may include Gedi. Acts such as Katata Denawa, Ethule Gahanawa are usually not in this line of romantic foreplay, till the relationship establishes in to a physical one (within marriage or pre-marriage). Acts like Puke Areema are regarded as sexual perversion.
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