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Sinhala Slang Dictionary

පක පට පඩ පය පර පල පස පා පැ පි පු පෙ පො පෝ

පාන අල්ලනවා

Literally 'holding the lamp'. Mocking reference to the act of a friend who accompany a person who is going to meet his date, girlfriend, wife, fiancee. This refers to the act of holding some light to help someone do something in the dark. (e.g. Umba taniyama palayan. Mama paana allanna enna one nehe (උඹ තනියම පලයන්. මම පාන අල්ලන්න එන්න ඕන නැහැ) means 'you go alone to see your date, why do you need me for')
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