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Sinhala Slang Dictionary


Male, Guy. Note that Baduwa (බඩුව) used in this context alongside with Pora (පොර) is the female form, and does not necessarily have a sexual connotation. (e.g. 'Machan, phone ekata answer kale porakda baduwakda?' (මචං, ෆෝන් එකට ආන්ස(ර්) කළේ පොරක්ද බඩුවක්ද?) means 'Who answered the phone, a guy or a gal?'). However, Baduwa (බඩුව) is also used in a sexist context (see below). The term Buwa has similar meaning to Pora. However, Buwa (බුවා) is not as popular term as Pora (පොර). It has specific uses such as Ela Buwa (එළ බුවා) which means 'cool guy' or 'really good guy'. (See also Ela (එළ))