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Sinhala Slang Dictionary

මග මච මඤ මට මල මළ මා මැ මෑ මී

මළ පනිනවා

Means 'Makes angry'. Mala (මළ) in this context means anger. Etimology may have some connection to discharge of excrement, because Mala paninawa (මළ පනිනවා) literally means 'Makes shitting'. Thada una (තද උනා) is also used to mean the same. Yaka Nægga (යකා නැග්ගා) or simply Nægga (නැග්ගා) can mean the same and is used mostly by females. Due to the similar sexual slang for 'erection'; males usually avoid using Nægga (නැග්ගා) to mean the anger, as it can be misinterpreted for having sexual arousal.
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