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Sinhala Slang Dictionary


Female genitalia. Similar to 'Cunt'. Extremely taboo. There are many derivatives using the base words Hutta (හුත්ත) and Hukana (හුකන) which creates extremely unpleasant combinations, such as Huttige Puta (හුත්තිගෙ පුතා) (which is similar to Bællige Putha (බැල්ලිගෙ පුතා) (Son-of-a-bitch) in word usage but much more valgar), Mona Huttak da (මොන හුත්තක්ද?) (meaning 'What the fuck?') and most unpleasant of them all is the Ammata Hukapang (අම්මට හුකපං) (which means 'Fuck your mom') which has a crude incestuous reference.